Life's like training, write your own workout - keep training

I'm a bit of a morning person, so when I was assigned the task to write a piece on the importance of sleep,

I think that it made my night to wake up early enough to get some coffee and write at a time when I could still get some work done before a deadline was expected back in the office. Today I got up at 4:30, showered and had a quick breakfast (which is another thing I like to do).

🛹 🕵🏿‍♂️ 👟

But this morning I decided to stay in bed and have a little nap to prepare for the meeting with the director of my school. Here are the reasons I need to take a nap: 1) If I was still tired after working through the night, I'd have to stop and eat breakfast after which I'd have to drink a huge amount of coffee, eat a couple of bananas and then leave for a meeting with another important person that the office manager had brought me to. That would mean that I'd be in the meeting for a good half an hour plus a good part of the time that I waited, which would be more time that I'd actually use for working and learning.

good part

Oh, you can't take any more meetings, the guy who runs the office tells everyone that they can't take more meetings with you. He doesn't know you. We'll make it work, okay? He's a very demanding type of boss, but I was still hoping that he would understand my need to take a little nap to get ready for the meeting with him. The meeting with the director. I had to work through a lot to come up with the topic of this piece, so he knew that I wanted to have time to work on it before the meeting, and that the work was the important thing here. I tried to come up with the topic the night before and couldn't; that would have been too bad because then he would have had known that I was thinking of jumping my jump rope.