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  1. Life's like training, write your own workout - keep training

    I'm a bit of a morning person, so when I was assigned the task to write a piece on the importance of sleep,

    I think that it made my night to wake up early enough to get some coffee and write at a time when I could still get some work done before a deadline was expected back in the office. Today I got up at 4:30, showered and had a quick breakfast (which is another thing I like to do).

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    But this morning I decided to stay in bed and have a little nap to prepare for the meeting with the director of my school. Here are the …

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  2. Pressing heels without straining the toes

    Can you stand on your toes without the heels in a painful position?

    This article is part of the monthly series of 'Pressing both heels as hard as you can'. If you can stand on your toes, you are probably doing this correctly and are therefore doing correct squatting exercises. What if you have a heel injury or plantar fasciitis?

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    If you are suffering from a heel sprain or plantar fasciitis, don't despair. There are a number of exercises that can help you return to your normal walking and running without having to stop or slow down. The two most commonly used exercises are the split squat and the wide-leg …

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  3. This will make you feel like you are always on the push

    Practice this on an empty stomach. The only thing that’s going to kill you is the time it takes to eat.

    First, take at least ten laps around the swimming pool. Now that you have figured out the basic movements, we’re going to break down the most important exercises that you should be focusing on. Push ups are one of the most intense exercises that you can do and that will help you improve the strength of your arms and hands.

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    The best way to do a push up is to simply pull your shoulders, arms and upper body straight up to the ceiling. It will take you …

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  4. Shadow jumping rope is also a great transition to actually jumping rope

    It is my favorite game to play when I just want to move through the game. I played the original one a lot when I was younger.

    The only problem with the original is that when you die, you take your heart with you, it doesn't return. That's what I hate about it. Anyways, my favorite is the sequel to this game. I also think that this was a great game for me to grow up with, it's different than the first one but it's pretty funny. I also love it for the same reason that I love "Jumping Jack" (the original) from the Gameboy, because they are both about …

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